Bitov is set 34 kilometres away westwards of Znojmo. The dam Vranov, built in 1934, has flooded the village lies originally under the castle.

Bitov is one of the eldest and most romantic castles in Czech Republic. It is a unique place in that landscape. It lies on a rock bill which is from three sides flowed by the Zeletavka river, nearby its junction with Dyje. Originally a wooden castle guarding the south border was lately rebuilt into stone castle. About 1230 the rear part of the castle a tower has been added. During 14th and 15th century the striking power has been improved. A Renaissance and Baroque modification followed especially in the palace and in inner buildings. In the beginning of 19th century Classicist stables have been built and interiors rebuilt in romantic style. Numerous zoo preparations complete the magic atmosphere of Bitov. They are remainders for collecting activity of the last owner - the baron Jiri Haase. He was the part-owner of porcelain factories. There is also the famous Bitov’s ZOO.
Castle BítovCastle Bítov
Castle Bítov
Castle BítovCastle Bítov